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Read The Sensational She-Hulk comic online

The Sensational She-Hulk Comic

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Name: The Sensational She-Hulk
Alternate Name: The Sensational She-Hulk 1994
Year of Release: 1994
Status: Completed
Author: John Byrne
Genre: Superhero, Marvel
Views: 286,019

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She-Hulk is at a circus, testing her strength by lifting two elephants into the air. The circus offered to let her use their grounds as a training area. The resident strongman comments on how impressive Jen''s display is, but she comments that it is nothing for someone who can bench press seventy five tons. She also mentions that her cousin, the Hulk, hid out in a circus much like this one, back in issue #1 of the Avengers comic. Bruno says that he had heard rumors about her being the Hulk''s cousin, but never knew if they were true

The Sensational She-Hulk Chapter (Issue) List