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Read Notti and Nyce Red Sonja Vampirella comic online

Notti and Nyce Red Sonja Vampirella Comic

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Name: Notti and Nyce Red Sonja Vampirella
Alternate Name: Notti & Nyce Red Sonja Vampirella
Year of Release: 2023
Status: Completed
Author: Marat Mychaels
Genre: Vampires
Views: 2,346

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Someone has broken into Father''s secluded and secure Arctic base and stole his plans for a top-secret project called “The Bridge.” The thieves then used the “The Bridge” to escape his facility. To get the plans back, Father enlists his best operatives: Notti & Nyce. These 2 highly trained and deadly women will have to travel across various realities to retrieve these plans, but will encounter some resistance along the way. This resistance being Vampirella and Red Sonja. Can Notti & Notti survive these encounters and retrieve these plans before untold damage is done to the world?

Notti and Nyce Red Sonja Vampirella Chapter (Issue) List
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